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Ways to get your home ready to sell.

Before you put your home on the market, it’s important to make sure it’s ready to sell. Just because you’re ready to sell doesn’t mean it’s ready for buyers to see it. Buyers have a different perspective of your home than you do, so before you list your home, do these five things.

1. Check Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your home gives buyers their first impression. If it’s messy, overgrown, or looks neglected, they may think the inside looks the same. You don’t have to spend a lot of money sprucing up the exterior of your home, but cutting the lawn, trimming bushes, and planting a few flowers can make a big difference.

Don’t forget about the siding, shutters, and roof too. Make sure everything looks well cared for and in good shape. If there are ‘issues’ talk to your real estate agent about the best way to fix it up for buyers without investing too much money.

2. Depersonalize Your Home

When you sell your home, you’re selling to a wide audience, or at least that’s the goal. If you have knick-knacks around the house, personal pictures, or some rooms are painted in off-the-wall colors, you may turn off the people that walk through your home.

Try depersonalizing your home as much as possible so potential buyers can picture their items in the home without your personal décor distracting them.

3. Stage Your Home

Staging or rearranging your home is for aesthetic purposes and sometimes to make the home look bigger. Moving furniture around, removing large objects, and purposely adding little touches that make the house feel ‘homey’ without being too personal may help you sell the home faster. 

4. Clean Areas You Don’t Normally Think About

Even if you think your home is clean, think again. Look at all the areas you don’t normally clean like the corners of the ceilings, window blinds, vents, and underneath the cabinets. All these areas accumulate dust bunnies, cobwebs, and dust. 

If it’s in your budget, consider hiring professional cleaners to come through and make your house shine from top to bottom to be more attractive to buyers.

5. Declutter Your Closets

When buyers walk through your home, they’ll look in every corner, including the closets. If they open the closet and piles fall on them from everything you stuffed away, it won’t help your case. Instead, get rid of what you don’t need and find proper storage for the items you want but won’t keep in the house while you try to sell it.

Bottom Line

The more work you do before you sell your house, the faster it will sell. Buyers want homes that are in good shape, have neutral colors, and that are easy for them to picture their belongings and family in if they decide to bid on it.

You may spend a little money and a lot of time, but it will be worth it in the end when you sell your home faster and for the price you want.