Kids Want to Buy a House | Blog Article by Valley Mortgage


Is your Child ready to buy a house, but his/her Credit isn’t the best?  

It happens to the best of us, especially after the pandemic. Whether your Child didn’t build up a credit score or just doesn’t have good Credit right now, there are ways to help your Child get ready to buy a house. 

As a parent, you can help your Child get started on adulthood by buying a house even with less than perfect Credit. With on-time mortgage payments and not overextending his/her Credit, your Child can build a successful future just by buying a home. 

What Credit Score do you Need to Buy a House? 

Today credit guidelines are somewhat relaxed when it comes to getting a mortgage. FHA loans, which are great for first-time homebuyers, only require a credit score of 580. If your Child wants a conventional loan or is a veteran of the military, a higher credit score may be necessary, but great Credit isn’t essential for anyone. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your Child improve his/her Credit to buy a home, but it’s nice to know they may be able to buy a home with a score as low as 580. 

Ways to Help Improve your Child’s Credit 

If you want to help your Child improve his/her Credit, here are a few simple ways: 

Make your Child an Authorized User 

If you have great Credit, share the love with your Child. Make him/her an authorized user on your account. You don’t have to give him/her access to the credit card either. Just by naming your Child on the credit card, the credit card company will report the payment history on his/her Credit too. 

Here’s the trick – make sure your credit card company reports authorized users to the credit bureaus because not all do. If they do, your on-time payment history and low credit balances will help your Child’s credit score. 

Co-sign a Credit Card or Loan for your Child 

This is a riskier option, but you can co-sign a credit card or loan for your Child. Just make sure your Child makes the payments on time. If he/she misses payments or defaults on the loan, you become responsible and it can hurt your Credit. 

If your Child handles the loan responsibly, though, it can help him/her build Credit to get approved for a mortgage.  

Ways your Child can Improve his/her Credit 

Of course, we can’t do everything for our children. Your Child will have to work on fixing his Credit too. Here are a few ways. 

Pay Bills on Time 

Payment history makes up the largest portion of the credit score. If your Child makes his/her payments on time regularly, it will help increase the credit score fast. 

Keep Credit Balances below 30% 

As much as it’s tempting to spend all of your credit limit, it hurts the credit score. Teach your Child to keep his/her credit limits at 30% or less of the credit line to increase his/her credit score the most. 

Avoid Applying for New Credit 

Every time your Child applies for new Credit it hurts his/her credit score. Instead, encourage your Child to keep track of the Credit he/she has and to handle it well. The older your Child’s credit accounts get, the better it is for his/her credit score. 

Other Ways to Help your Child Qualify for a Mortgage 

Credit scores aren’t the only way to qualify for a mortgage. If your Child has a mediocre credit score but has other compensating factors, it may be easier to secure a mortgage. 

Here are other ways you can help your Child get a mortgage. 

Give Money for the Down Payment 

The more money your Child puts down on a home, the more likely he/she is to get approved. Even with bad Credit, a larger down payment can help. It shows lenders that you have ‘skin in the game’ and are likely to make your payments on time. 

Co-sign on the Loan 

If you want to help your Child get approved, you can co-sign on the mortgage. While this is risky if your Child doesn’t make his/her payments, it can help your Child buy a home. Once your Child has a higher credit score, he/she can refinance you off the loan and own it on his/her own. 

Encourage Stable Income/Employment 

Lenders look for stability when approving a mortgage. If your Child has stable income/employment, it can offset the lower credit score. Encourage your Child to find a career and stick with it. A two-year employment history at the same job and with increasing income can increase your Child’s chances of loan approval. 

Help your Child Pay off his/her Debts 

If your Child has a lot of debts, consider helping him/her pay them off. This includes student loans. Any payments your Child must make each month takes away from the money he/she could use to pay the mortgage. The higher a person’s debt ratio is, the harder it is to get approved. Helping your Child get out of debt can increase his/her chances of getting a mortgage loan. 

Final Thoughts 

Helping your Child buy his/her first home can be one of the most rewarding ways to parent. You’re helping your Child make one of the most important investments of his/her lifetime. 

Even if your Child doesn’t have great Credit, there are ways to get a mortgage. The key is to show that your Child is a good risk. Lenders want stability with Credit, income, and employment. The more stability your Child can show, the more likely he/she is to get a mortgage even with bad Credit. 

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